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To Spend One Night In A Haunted Place – A Bucket List Lived By Ben Sebastian

To Spend One Night In A Haunted Place – A Bucket List Lived By Ben Sebastian

During his Engineering Studies itself, Ben used to explore new places. He had a large group of friends who shared the same interests and thus, most of his travels were accompanied by some of them. He used to travel inside and outside Kerala with his friends, and considered every experience as new chapters of life. All these time, a bucket list which he wanted to accomplish was a trip to one haunted place, and to spend the night there. As a person who loves adventure and fun, this bucket list was one of his favorite.

Coonoor Tiger Hill Cemetery which is situated in Nilgiri Taluk in Tamil Nadu is considered as a mysterious place by the natives and by the adventure travellers. The cemetery was constructed before centuries by the British people and hence, all the graves are marked with the English names. Since the cemetery is believed to have some history, the villagers won’t allow outsiders to enter the place after sunset.

As he came to know about these facts, Ben decided to go the place in midnight to avoid the villagers’ intervention and spent the night there. Couple of his friends also showed interest in the idea, and as per the plan they reached the place by midnight. The road was through Tan Tea Plantation, and as they advanced the path became darker and more silent. The entrance of the cemetery was an old stone gate which was locked. They jumped over the side wall and entered the place.

It was dark everywhere and so they fire a torch. The very first thing they saw was the statue of a 10ft tall angel with one red stone shining on her face. The single eye had an intense gaze which they felt like penetrating through the mind and body.

Haunted Place Coonoor - Statue

As they started exploring more of the grave a sudden wind blew, shaking the trees and making howling noise, sending chill through them. The place was getting colder. They slowly advanced further to have a look on the graves and the premise.

All the grave stones had English names on it, and dated couple of centuries back. There was this particular grave which dated 1215. The sculptures and statues along with crosses of different sizes and shapes made the place looked like a Hollywood horror movie set.

Haunted Place - Coonoor Cemetery

They finally took seats on various parts of the cemetery, smoking joints and playing ‘Dreamcatcher’. As they were settling they suddenly heard some unusual footsteps but couldn’t find anybody around. This repeated 3-4 times in the night and one of them got really panicked.

Whatever happened, the decision to spent entire night at the place was unchanged. They spent the whole night there, listening to the silence and talking with the dead. According to Ben, spending night with the spirits felt more peaceful than spending time with the living ones.

Ben, who is a great foodie, is currently working on his next bucket list item of starting a restaurant of his own.

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  1. Very scary 🙂 , but interesting bucket list add it. Let me see if I can tag along a brave company to accomplish this… Anyone up for it in and around bangalor?

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