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400+ dives, 25 destinations, 10 countries for a bucket list

400+ dives, 25 destinations, 10 countries for a bucket list

Nanda Kumar has successfully accomplished his scuba diving bucket list of 400+ dives over 25 diving destinations in 10 countries.

Nanda, a passionate swimmer had a sort of fondness towards water right from his childhood days. A kind of affection and attraction he could never resist. Consequently, he turned towards the sea to become a scuba diver. However, his passion drove him to an extent that the adventure sport came to him more like a natural reflex.

Nanda has done Scuba diving 400+ times for his bucket list

“One Life, One Chance.

I live to dive and dive to see a life full.

If not a human, I would’ve been a fish in the ocean – Because I have no fear of depth.” – Nanda Kumar

It was in the month of May, the year 2010 when Nanda decided to abandon his corporate attire to start exploring himself. Once certified as an Advanced Level Scuba Diver, the bucket lister took to photography for documenting his beautiful journey underwater, and thus picked up his first DSLR.

His bucket list accomplishment records this passionate scuba diver with more than 400 dives in the Log Book with visits to 25 prominent dive destinations. He has scuba-dived in exotic locations such as the Andaman, South Maldives, Trincomalee, Tioman, Sipadan, Similan, Raja Ampat, Komodo, Fiji Bull shark station, Palau Islands etc.

#WoovlyFunFact: Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism with an area of 3,47,800 km² which is more than that of England?

Over the course of his scuba-diving destinations, he has covered 10 countries from the globe. The countries are India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Micronesia, Tonga, and Fiji.

The urge is far beyond destinations. A famous diver was so right when he said that a bad day diving is better than the best day at work.

The bucket lister feels that India still remains unexplored as a destiny for scuba diving and also for scuba divers. There’re very few who are regular in scuba diving and much less are underwater photographers.

Nanda has done Scuba diving 400+ times for his bucket list

“Keeping this in mind I’m proud to say this is indeed a big achievement for me.”

Nanda accepts that he does his dives with a die-hard enthusiasm and makes sure to make the most out of every single dive. For the bucket lister, the excitement is just the same when he had accomplished his very first scuba dive.

His scuba-diving and photographic expeditions have taken him to a lot of places. From the depths of the oceans to the forests of Nagarahole to Amazon. From the thickest of the Western Ghats, to the snow-clad mountains of Himalayas in pursuit of Snow Leopard. He has travelled further to Africa for the big five game, observing the Birds on Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, capturing the Jaguars in-action in Pantanal and so much more.

Nanda has done Scuba diving 400+ times for his bucket list cover featured bucketlister woovly

Nanda keeps himself focused on his scuba-diving plans. The only problem he had faced on his bucket list journey, according to him was the long haul flights and the transit delays.

Nanda wants to encourage others to have a go at scuba diving. Although he staunchly believes in letting the ecosystem underwater remain undisturbed.

“We live on a planet surrounded by more than 71% water and only 29% land for humans to survive. So, why is it always about land, wildlife, mountains – why not the water too?

He advises enthusiasts to be careful underwater and not tamper with the flora or fauna that the oceans sustain.

“Come back with memories on your mind and memory cards.”

This bucket lister is a no-quitter and has his next bucket list already in place. He wants to accomplish 50-100 scuba-dives in one single trip. Before the year 2020, he wants to have completed 1000 scuba-dives in over 50 odd destinations.

Like father, like son. The father-son duo Nanda Kumar and his son Dheeraj M Nanda are both adventurous souls and true bucket listers. They both share the same love for water and scuba diving. If you have a bucket lister in you and have accomplished your bucket list, would you like to get featured?

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