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Why You Must Pay a Visit to Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh

Why You Must Pay a Visit to Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh

Looking for a travel destination you’ve never been before? Looking to explore while you travel? Are you a history buff? If any of your answers were in absolute affirmative, then Khajuraho is the right place for you. If you know nothing or very little about the place, then fret not, for what is to follow will convince you as to why you should visit the said place.

What is Khajuraho?

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Located in the largest Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the Khajuraho village is world famous for its monuments and temples that adorn this beautiful, cos village. These monuments speak of some fine tune architecture that has attracted the attention of the world. Hence, it was named as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites on 15 October 1982. Built during the reign of the Chandela dynasty, there were originally 85 temples in total. But gradually as the Chandella dynasty lost its power and Muslim rulers invaded the place, it went through destruction and deterioration. Hence, only 22 of these temples survived. Now the place hosts monuments that are affiliated to religions namely, Hinduism and Jainism. The temples occupy three different locations, namely, Eastern, Western and Southern. The monuments architecture depicts various forms of deities, meditation, royalty and erotic art. The place is a perfect blend of history and architecture.

What to do in Khajuraho?

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One of the most profound reasons why Khajuraho sees a staggering horde of visitors is its exquisite architecture. These temples are mostly built of sand stone and granite in the honor of various Hindu and Jain deities. The various art sculptures built on these monuments are intricately designed to depict different themes and are the major allure of the place. Whether you are a history buff or an archaeological enthusiast or an admirer of art in general, this place will render you speechless and in awe. The place hosts audio guide tours for its visitors where they talk about the significance of the place. Various cultural events such as the Khajuraho Dance Festival are organized along with various light shows that play daily in the temple complex.

Miscellaneous Information

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While Hindi is predominantly the language of communication, English can also be used with tour guides and the locals. You can reach the Khajuraho temples by either plane with the nearest airport located 5km away from the city or by catching a train from the railway station or you can take a bus from Jhansi or Satna. Khujaraho hotels are famous for its peculiar hospitality.

Fun Fact to Know: Khajuraho gets its name from the common Date Palm!

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