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Mountain Biking – Pure Thrill, and Passion for Vinay

Mountain Biking – Pure Thrill, and Passion for Vinay

As a kid Vinay always loved bicycles and motocross. In his early teens, he would commute to school on a bicycle. And, a sport he saw on TV in the mid-90s fascinated him quite a bit, and he wanted to try it – mountain biking! He used to watch re-runs of downhill and cross-country races that’d come on TV for hours every day and then go try it on the hill near his home.

Later through the years, he met more like-minded friends who shared similar interests in the outdoors and mountain biking. Over the years, following bike videos and reading magazines, he started pushing his level of riding, mainly focused towards freeride mountain biking. The simplicity of a bicycle and riding it on a mountain is in itself something that inspires Vinay.

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When he started mountain biking, he would simply ride a lot and dream of being able to ride like some of the riders he saw in the videos then. Understanding the difficulties involved and finding ways around it was part of it!

He made timelines on how he would wish to improve this sport, improve his riding and highlight India’s offering to the freeride mountain biking scene. With years of staying true to that vision, today international athletes and sports film makers are visiting India to explore the terrain and share the sport and its culture with riders here.

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“Experience is all, that you can say is yours! The route called for patience, determination and focus along the way. A lot of my friends said the sport I chose is of no good, this sport is not for Indians, you should do what majority of Indians do, earn more money doing better things, etc. But I simply said, they could continue what they wish to follow and I’ll continue on my trail. Following the vision of riding a bike, developing and living the sports culture is a good feeling.”

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Mountain biking has given Vinay some of the best memories of his life. Most of his friends today, he has met them only because of riding a bike on a mountain!

He also run a leading mountain bike magazine, featuring the news from India, Nepal, Bhutan and across the world. The magazine is ‘Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine. He is also a sports filmmaker/photographer, the roots of which started from mountain biking. Vinay also co-founded a bicycle brand, making high performance bicycles – ‘Psynyde Bikes’.

“If you believe in your selected life path, follow it. Try to analyze the positive and negatives. Dream freely while being practical, have patience and imagine it becoming a reality. Soon enough you’ll see things working!”

He is constantly trying to learn different aspects of film making, making bicycles, and more. Vinay’s bucket list is always filled with something!


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