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A Montessori Mom out to make a difference – Kuhoo Gupta’s bucket list

A Montessori Mom out to make a difference – Kuhoo Gupta’s bucket list

Kuhoo had been filling & successfully ticking off different kinds of items on her bucket list since the last decade after acquiring her formal degree in Computer Science Engineering. However, her latest bucket list item was to spread more awareness about Montessori way of education among parents. An alternative education philosophy which is much different from the conventional education style.

Kuhoo wanted to come up with a valuable resource for parents that will educate them what Montessori looks like in a typical kindergarten environment. She has even come up with a five-part video series that covers each learning area of an authentic Montessori House Of Children that caters to children of age group 2 – 6 years.

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Kuhoo happened to visit a preschool in Pune – Benmont Montessori and loved every bit of their setup. It had everything that she had always dreamt of in a Montessori setup, no adulteration & no mixture of other philosophies.

“This school claimed to be a Montessori, and was indeed a pure Montessori setup.”

Inspired and enthusiastic, the bucket lister expressed her desire to shoot a video series with the founder.

It was a wonderful experience for Kuhoo because this was an opportunity for her to learn more about a lot of things. She single-handedly worked on the editing of the videos & other marketing & logistics.

“We have successfully launched the #TourOfMontessori video series on 21st July & the videos are released every friday.”

What drives this bucket lister is the encouraging feedback from the parents who have signed up for her free video series. Fellow parents acknowledge her efforts and hard work with positive feedback. They all look forward for the subsequent videos from Kuhoo. Also, a lot of new people have signed up meanwhile, seeing the response.

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Currently Kuhoo shares her learnings & experiences in parenting, early childhood learning, Montessori, music & healing at The K Junction. She is so happy to see it grow beautifully into a wonderful community of involved & conscious parents!

“I want to share lot of stories with young children relating to music. So much to do!”

This bucket lister has many other bucket lists in queue. Kuhoo wants to do a similar video series for a Waldorf environment. Her fingers are crossed that somehow things fall into place & she is able to do it soon. Being a singer herself, she also wants to educate parents about the importance of music in early years & how they can help their child to get some music literacy early on.

For bucket lister enthusiasts in pursuit of their passion, Kuhoo has a message for you, “Be consistent & patient with your vision ! That is what my husband tells me every time I lose track. Only then will the universe guide you through the right track.”


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