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To Lose Weight in Six Weeks – A Bucket List Lived by Pavan Raju

To Lose Weight in Six Weeks – A Bucket List Lived by Pavan Raju

After a major injury in 2014, Pavan Raju was not the same fitness enthusiast anymore. He was in a state of inertia and looked overweight. He wanted to lose weight.

In late 2015, after quitting his job at an MNC, he was back to his fitness roots when he had an opportunity to work at his friend’s gym.

No matter how much one works hard, it is the result that brings on the enthusiasm. When Pavan trained his first client and made him shed 15 kilos in 4 months, he was now ready to give a chance to accomplish his bucket list of bulking his muscles and toning his body.


His bucket list was not just to go fit and become healthy, he was focussed more on creating an awareness among people. He always loved to share his experiences with his clients and how he battled his injury to come out fit.

But still, he needed to push himself for that as his bucket list demanded him to lose some weight. Then came his inspiration from one of his friend who invited him to join his Gym, F45, a Fitness Centre.

Pavan was against the phenomena of steroids and the way people stereotype it. So, he planned his gym workouts accordingly and came up with a strategy of educating people about fitness and this indeed became his lifestyle.

In the month of June 2017, after going through a strict diet and a thorough inspection from his friend, Pavan accomplished his bucket list of going lean.


Pavan prefers to lead a disciplined life and recommends this formula to every aspiring fitness freak. He also states consistency and proper nutrition were the prominent parameters which influenced him to go fit and when it comes to his gym workout routine, functional training and extreme sports were the main reasons behind his transformation.

His next bucket list is to start an awareness club and he feels he needs to educate more people on health and fitness.

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