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Learn a new skill – Photography, a bucketlist checked by Richa Moitra

Learn a new skill – Photography, a bucketlist checked by Richa Moitra

Nostalgic of her bus rides from school as an eighth standard school-er, she explains how staring outside the window let her to imagine how a camera could be used to capture that moment. “That is when the seed of photography was planted in my head,” she laughs. That was her bucket list moment.

Photography street fish street

She was preparing for admissions to a business school when a word from her room-mate changed everything. She decided to persistently pursue her bucket list item of learning and mastering the skill of photography and hasn’t looked back since.

“In a town that had quite not taken up to photography as a career choice, leaving my books aside and heading out to see the world through my lens was quite difficult,” she says. With the sole purpose of pursuing photography and with no assistance or a mentor to guide her, YouTube and a passion was all she had got.

Photography fish market

She started traveling all around the state on her scooter with nothing else but a camera and an eye for subjects, visiting and capturing all the places she had on her list. She hopes to complete an entire solo photographic tour of India. “A bucket list sounds so simple but it teaches you a lot about how to not quit on your dreams just because it’s difficult and actually lets you identify an organized way to do it,” she says. She has a Facebook page, “Through her eyes,” where she shares her work and encourages women photographers to share their work as well.

Her bucket list now, has a final item to put a tick-mark against, the New York Institute of Photography. “Don’t be afraid to do something just because someone hasn’t done it already,” she advises to all the women out there. She wants to become an independent cinematographer and direct an entire film by herself.

Photography lake view


  1. Feels great to know you as a person, immense talent in you…just keep up the good work and learn everyday from your own mistakes…!! Best of luck Richa..!!

    1. Thanks Abhinab, woovly aims to feature a common person like you and me who has a bucket list and are taking an extra step to achieve their bucket list. Would love to hear your bucket lists.

  2. Mariam Puri says:

    I feel proud to say that Richa Moitra is my student.Not only my student but my young talented sweet little sister.’U’ my little photographer not only captured the world but u have captured my heart too dear.Love u😘😊.Keep up the fabulous task…All the best 😊

    1. Thanks Mariam, lovely to see so much talent around us. Please keep following for more bucket list experiences.

  3. Ankit Dey says:

    A power house of talent 🙂
    Keep making us proud… all the best wishes Richa. 😁😁😁

    1. Thanks Ankit, lovely to see how bucket list adds life in our lives.

  4. Im proud of u Richa. Such a sweetheart u r. Great going girl !!!!

  5. Hadida Yasmin says:

    She is a lovely girl with high aspirations and dedication to her passion. I wish her all the luck for her future aim.

  6. Darun, Didi just faboulus. Keep it up.

  7. Purbali Sarkar says:

    All the best Richa… your work…..wish you good luck

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