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From An Indian Army Veteran To A Master Chef Finalist

From An Indian Army Veteran To A Master Chef Finalist

Meet the humble Chef Joseph Rozario, our next bucket lister from Siliguri. He is not only an army veteran but a national level black-belt martial artist as well. He has bagged two gold medals for the same. Joseph competed and completed his journey as a Masterchef contestant. But one of his most noteworthy accolades is a Gourmand International Award-winning cookbook, titled ‘Untouched North Bengal.’The cookbook documents his travel through the most unexplored places in the dense and riverine forests of North Bengal. He has been associated with a lot of ventures and associations. Through these associations, he wishes to encourage people to take up cooking passionately and a medium for building relationships.

Mast chef finalist joseph rozario

Introduced to the art of cooking at a very early age by his father and having completed his higher studies, Joseph finally identified his bucket list. He wanted to master the art of cooking. While contesting at the national culinary competition he observed something. A lot of his colleagues were coming forward with their native signature dishes. Sadly for him, he didn’t have any.

That was when it dawned upon him. He needed to trace his roots and explore the food culture and cuisine of his natives. The journey was not as easy as it sounds. Some of the communities live so far in the forests that even Google Maps fail to recognize these places. Furthermore, there was no ready transport. Joseph explains his book to be not just a book rather just a window that he has tried to build. A window between the long lost cultures and communities, their food history and the rest of the world.

Joseph enjoys bringing in an Indian twist to his dishes. This is what makes the dishes on his plate more recognizable and palatable.

Joseph strongly credits his journey as a chef which he believes has helped him understand the importance of giving back to society.

“I look up to my father and furthermore my journey as a chef is an attempt to become a good human being like him,” says Joseph.Joseph’s bucket list has a final item that he diligently looks forward to. He wants to gift his father a restaurant and name it, ‘Grape of Rozarios.’


  1. Sumati Sharma says:

    This is really inspiring! keep the good work.

    1. Thanks Sumati Sharma, please do visit our bucketlisters section for more updates

  2. Proud of you Chef. 🙂 You inspire me.

  3. Thank you woovly n team for you love..

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