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Why Kaziranga National Park should be on your bucket list

Why Kaziranga National Park should be on your bucket list

As one of the most popular biosphere reserves in the country, Kaziranga national park stands tall and proud in its wake. The place is home to two-third of the world’s population of great one horned rhinoceros. It is also known for being a tiger reserve with it hosting a very high population of the animal species. Termed as a world heritage site, the place homes a wide variety of animals from wild elephants to swamp deers. Every year a large number of tourist flock to the park to have a fun-filled time. Here is a list of five things you ought to do in the biosphere reserve. Be it for holiday or some picture-perfect shots, the park provides ample opportunities for all kinds of visitors.

Wildlife Safari

kaziranga wildlife safari on elephant

Either ride a jeep or swing from side to side on an elephant, a wildlife safari is a must in Kaziranga. You can spot various types of animals and if you’re lucky you may come across the one horned rhinoceros! The park also hosts diverse varieties of vegetation. The tour guides will take you around the park and it will be one enjoyable trip.

Kakochang Waterfall 

kakochang waterfalls kaziranga woovly

The Kakochang is known for its picturesque picnic locations. Stop by the waterfall and take in the view. It will rejuvenate you to the core! For history buffs, you can also see the ancient ruins of Numaligarh from the spots.

Tea estate Tour

assam tea garden kaziranga travel photography

You can find peace among the tea gardens present in galore in the park. You can always spot villagers working in the gardens and ask them questions you might be curious about. The beautiful tea gardens are a treat to the eyes of the beholder.

Hoollongapar Sanctuary

Hoollongapar Sanctuary kaziranga travel photography

The sanctuary is home to evergreen forests and is well stocked with different kinds of flora species. You can go around sightseeing in the sanctuary as the site provides serene ambience to refresh your senses.

Kaziranga Rhino Tour

kaziranga national park rhino tour

Last but not the least, a rhino tour is must for the place is famous for the wild species. Once you go on this ride, you will never look at the animal species the same way again. To catch the animals in their natural habitat is rare and is one of the most enriching experiences.

For the holidayers, you need not fret with the details for there are a number of Kaziranga resorts where you can lodge for the time. The several Kaziranga hotels provide you with Jungle Plan packages that include everything in it from accommodation charges to jungle safari fees. Buying these plans can save you some extra bucks. So, for all the people looking to take a break from their gruelling everyday routine, Kaziranga is the next holiday destination!

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