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To invent a new game Potball – A bucket list lived by Devansh Mathur

To invent a new game Potball – A bucket list lived by Devansh Mathur

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Devansh was born in the city of Bombay but the family later shifted to a place three hours away, Panchgani. Since he was ten, Devansh has been passionate about film making. His mother who a storyteller herself has been making short films on environmental concerns and child centric themes. Devansh would accompany her into the wild to explore the forests nearby. This is how he got lured into the world of film making.He started making short films on issues of his interest connected to the natural world. He invented the game called Potball in Bengaluru in the year 2015 and even made a film on it during his days at the Prague Film School, Potball : The film which is up on Youtube for viewers.

All one needs is a ball and a bucket like object. The idea of dealing with the space crunch gave birth to Potball. It is both an outdoor and an indoor game. The ideal space for the game is 20ft x 12ft and can even be played in the living room. Potball helps enhance one’s skills for playing any sport. From mastering the ball techniques, accuracy and to learning more about teamwork. The game instills more confidence in you to create winning strategies and helps enhance quick decision making skills. The difficulty level can be adjusted depending upon the player’s expertise.

Devansh recollects how his bucket list journey began on being asked to leave, along with his roommates from the society ground for playing football there. The lack of space and the need to keep themselves entertained and nimble, led to the invention of a football like game yet requiring the least of any investment. An all-male house, a laundry bag, a ball and a couple of dudes randomly aiming to get the ball in a laundry bag was how the game was born.

Devansh Mathur Invent new game Potball rules woovly

A pot is placed right at the center of the playing area. It has a 3 ft designated diameter which is a no-entry area. The rules of the game have only three alternate ball touches allowed for a two player team. Inability to pot the ball within the three-touch limit immediately reflects to the other team’s turn to serve. At least 2 feet from the sides cannot be accessed by the players, during service. After every 10 points the sides are changed and the team to score a 20, wins the game.

The game is currently being played in four different countries and continues to grab a lot of eye-balls. Potball is fun! He has a lot of ideas in mind for other new sports, which he plans to use as subjects for his videos.

“In this technologically driven age where young minds play more virtual games than actual sports, I feel that it is a great need to lure them back into the real world. My game Potball enables people to play anywhere and requires almost no equipment. I also want to invent new games, which can help children and youth engage with their minds and bodies,” he says.

Potball New Game Devansh Mathur Woovly

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