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A house on wheels for a road trip

A house on wheels for a road trip

Friend : Dude, I’m bored. We need to head out for that road trip right now.

Me : But we have so much to do ? How do we travel ? Where do we sleep ?

Friend : Well, fear not. I got that old bus from the lot and did some modifications.

Travelling alone is always fun. But you know what shoots the fun level rocket high ? It is when you travel with your own bunch of crazy elements, friends.

Travelling lets you experience the world for yourself. But at times we come across certain situations that are a buzz kill to the thrill. Like feeling homesick or finding a place to crash. But why should you let one pit stop steal your thunder ? Imagine carrying a home along to any road trip you take, to every new city you visit. You’d be in but still outside.

build house wheels road trip bucket list woovly

So, go on steer your way through challenges and make that bucket list road trip happen. Nostalgia and fond memories await you right around the corner of that road trip.

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