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How Gym Can Transform Your Life – A Bucket List Lived by Arpit Kacker

How Gym Can Transform Your Life – A Bucket List Lived by Arpit Kacker

One thing which motivated Arpit while working out in the gym was a saying by Michael Jordan.

 “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

This inspired Arpit to become something impossible not in terms to grow muscles or get abs but to become a fighter in real life: the person who fights with the loneliness and betrayal more often. The person who fights himself only to make him stronger than ever. That is what Gym meant to him. For him, the gym is not just a place with a couple of machines and weights. It is a place where you get to know how tough you were and how toughest you have become now!!

It’s not easy just to think about going to the gym in one fine morning. It takes real motivation. From day one his motivation has been only 2 guys – Dwayne The Rock Johnson and John Cena. Other than that, good rock music helped him many times. He plugged his headphones with his favorite track whenever he felt moody, and boom!! To hell with the mood – he went straight to the gym.

There was a time when Arpit was working a night shift for 10 consecutive months and had to come back to home which was 35kms away from the workplace. But he took his gym clothes with him so that, right after his work he could go directly to the gym and thus, he won’t have any sort of excuse for being sleepy.

According to him, it’s not just building a muscular body from being a chubby fat guy. It’s one freaking transformation of both physically and mentally. It took him so much time because he was going slow as he had to manage his college and job along with Gym and the most important thing was he was going natural, without taking steroids or any supplements. He challenged himself to reach up to that level first with a proper diet.

And there was hardly a day when he skipped his gym because every day he went to the gym with a perspective to come out from the gym even stronger! Whenever he entered the Gym, he used to keep his ego out. For him, the smaller weights were the biggest weights. He always knew where he started and where he has to reach and that’s why he never gave up.

He felt that the experience he gained from the gym was phenomenal. The best part was he was able to see himself as a better person not just physically but mentally.

Arpit started getting few assignments in the modeling field – he became one of the lead model of BMW in the Auto Expo 2016. He also became a freelance model: he did 2 shoots for Snapdeal and Amazon and appeared on their website also. He has also worked with Kaushik Gosh, one of the Bollywood’s lead fashion show director.

Arpit could see his growth and he believed that it was possible only because of his valiant efforts he put on himself every single day and it was all because of his consistency going to the gym. He says that he never used to lose because every time he either won or learned something new.

“Never get distracted from your goals. Whatever you want to be in your life: Go for it! Live a life you will always remember. Always remember, living your life the way you want is more important than making money. A gym is a place where you will definitely see a Better-You than what you were before. And whenever you feel like quitting, always remember why did you start it at first.”


  1. Guddi bua and Rakesh fufaji says:

    Wonderful motivational and energetic for present and forthcoming generation.

    1. Arpit Kacker says:

      Thank you soo much Bua and Fufaji. Much Needed Blessings.🤗

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