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Gift your child a passion and he won’t have the money to buy drugs

Gift your child a passion and he won’t have the money to buy drugs

Young minds that are void of passion are like an empty canvas constantly being painted with pictures. For a child who is just learning to comprehend the ways of the world, right and wrong are just sounds. They are two other words that they have learnt to spell.

The best lesson that you, as a responsible adult can give to a kid is a lesson about passion. Introduce him to one and watch him fill his own canvas with positive colors that reflect a creatively passionate mind, a healthy mind. Probably, gift him a camera like this father.


Get your son a camera no time to think passion canvas photography drugs bucketlist meme woovly

It’s amazing how a passion works on everyone and so differently. It disciplines you to an extent that you can’t think about anything else beyond it. All your senses march like an army band with all the right things in all the right places.

“It just blurs everything else in sight.”

A passion shows you the right sights if you’ve an eye for photography, the right sounds if music is what you love , the right tastes if the kitchen is your home.

There is absolutely no time for anything else.

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