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Getting to Know The Game of Kho Kho

Getting to Know The Game of Kho Kho

Kho Kho is predominantly a traditional sport that took origin in the Maharashtra state of the Indian subcontinent. The game is as good a spectacle as it is to play. The game can be spotted being played in the schools, streets as well as in tournaments.

How to play

The game hosts two teams each containing 12 members out of which 9 play at a time. The purpose of the game is to tag all the opponents in the team and the team with the shortest time to do wins. There are two innings in which teams take turns doing the chasing. The Kho Kho ground is rectangle in shape which is also known as the Kho Kho court. Members of the chasing team occupy the field by sitting consecutively with each alternate member facing the same direction. There are two poles at each end. These poles are mainly used by the chasing members for unlike the opposing team the member cannot return back unless he runs over to the pole and touches it. The members of the opposing team have to evade being tagged and the longer they can keep this up, the more chances of their team winning. Each inning can be either 9 minutes or 7 minutes long. On every turn, a fresh batch of 3 players is sent in to evade the chaser. The chasing member can tag any of its team mates who can take his place as the chaser. The game is exciting in the sense that you never know which member may stand up to tag the opposing team. Also, the positions keep changing making the game a nail biting thriller!

kho kho sports


The game is one of the most popular sports in India and is enthusiastically played among children and adults alike. Besides the obvious health benefits, the game helps to propel sportsman spirit and camaraderie among the players. Since the game involves running, it is also good for your cardiovascular system. Hence, a Kho Kho game can help with a plethora of things.

A Kho Kho game is a complete package when it comes to entertaining sports. Don’t only watch it but play it for it is inexpensive, uses no equipment, easier to learn and provides a boost of confidence. Indulge in some fun-filled play time and relive your childhood through this sport. All you need is a group of family and friends and an evening’s time and you’re set to have the time of your life playing it!

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