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Events and Workshops For This Weekend In Mumbai

Events and Workshops For This Weekend In Mumbai

Weekends are the time to catch up on all the action you miss during the weekdays and by action, I mean doing things that are your heart thumping passion, things that form your bucket list. These activities rejuvenate you as they are not work but all play! If you are in the city of dreams, Mumbai then it is double the fun. Here is a list of events you can do this weekend in Mumbai!

Prabalgad FortImage Credit: Divyesh Shah

  • Event : Monsoon Trek to Prabalgad Fort
  • Date and Time : Saturday, 12th Aug at 5:30AM
  • Location : The program will be starting with the CST – Panvel Local. You can board the train and meet the guides in the train itself!
  • Price : INR 700

Description: Prabalgad Fort is a prime location for trekking near Mumbai. The trek involves taking the Panvel Local at 5:30AM to reach Thakurwadi Base when the trek to Prabalgad starts around 10:30. You reach back Mumbai around 8 in the evening. The trek is a great idea for adventure junkies! Know more.

Image Credit: Katherine Navarro
  • Event : Monsoon Forest – Canvas Painting Party
  • Date and Time : Thursday, 17th Aug, at 2PM
  • Location : Doolally Taproom, Colaba, Mumbai
  • Price : INR 1650

Description : This event involves a professional artist take you through the steps of painting a beautiful forest painting. Capture the beauty of the monsoon forest on your canvas! Know more.


Image Credit: Lukas Janicik
  • Event : Confluence 2017 Karaoke Party
  • Date and Time : Saturday, 12th Aug, at 3PM
  • Location : CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai
  • Price : INR 100

Description : A karaoke party is being organized. Anyone and everyone is invited. So, don’t forget to miss! Know more.

Image Credit: Intoth3rainbow
  • Event : Master Your DSLR Camera FAST Photography Workshop
  • Date and Time : Sunday, 20th Aug, at 11AM
  • Location : Bombay-Connect, Mumbai western suburbs
  • Price : INR 2800

Description : The workshop touches on the basic of DSLR photography and involves teaching a total beginner the basics of digital photography Know more


Image Credit: Wan Mohd
  • Event : Whole Plant Based Nutrition Cooking Workshop
  • Date and Time : Tuesday, 22nd Aug at 11:30AM
  • Location : 7, Morvi Lane, South Mumbai
  • Price : INR 1500

Description : This event is designed for teaching the importance of eating whole foods and involves learning the different kinds of whole food recipes. These healthy recipes can be used for either weight loss or improving overall health and fitness. Know more

With a myriad of things to do, you won’t be sitting idle swatting away your time these coming weekends. Enjoy in galore what the city has to offer and get working on those skills you have been hiding.

So, hurry up and add your bucket list here and do what it says!

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