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When domestic Indian women invented an art form – A Bucket List

When domestic Indian women invented an art form – A Bucket List

Remember the time you used to doodle on the walls of your room and believed you could become a French artist, but as you grew up, you realized  it was just trouble for your mom not an art and that’s about it!

Well, these ancient traditional women from Madhubani district of Bihar, had more faith in themselves than you and I, getting their daily house decorations make history and taking up actual recognized art form known as Madhubani art or Mithila painting.

It is now being done on paper, canvas, and most importantly on cloth which is sold around the globe as a merchandise! We didn’t see that coming!

The paintings , usually drawn by women included tools like fingers, brushes, natural pigments and matchsticks, just add to the coolness level. It was a type of Abstract art, where womenfolk of the village drew on the walls of their home with vibrant colors, patterns and illustrations to portray their thoughts ,ambitions, hopes and dreams ,but  this form has  sub categories  Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, godna and kohbar. Women of the upper class drew eye- catching geometric patterns depicting gods and goddesses, flora and fauna which fell in the categories of Bharni, Katcni and Tantrik and  the lower class women included aspects of their daily lives, staying close to reality.

However , in today’s time , it is now a globally authorized art form , thanks to these multi-talented skilled women who’s paintings were so magnificent to be know by the world, all the five sub styles can be practiced by anyone.

Famous  national award winning Madhubani artist Bharti Dayal, is one of the key achievers of showing the world the beauty and power of the mind of a women.

This art form is our own abstract art with beliefs of our culture yet freedom of the mind!

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