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Become a dog trainer – A bucket list lived by Pranita Balar

Become a dog trainer – A bucket list lived by Pranita Balar

Pranita, as a child was scared of dogs but with age the fear seemed to have faded away. She had always wanted to have a pet for herself but her mother was strictly against the notion.

dog trainer Pranita Balar woovly

Pranita had worked through a number of job roles from finance, to marketing, to media. Her media role honed her people skills, organizational skills and her ability to deal with pressureful and risky situations. There was a point where she found stagnancy in her jobs, which eventually led her to change fields. However, even after all the shifts and changes, nothing could fill in that void. A void borne out of a need for change.

After re-evaluating her interests and curiosity she chose to apply for a dog training certification from an organization in Mumbai. That was her first step towards the accomplishment of her bucket list of becoming a dog trainer.

She was then a certified professional in canine training and understanding behaviors, a career choice we don’t get to hear about a lot. Little did she know that Bark N Bond, a venture that would change her life forever was just around the corner. Her first client rekindled her interest in pet-sitting dogs and even training them. She quit her job to become a dog trainer. Thus, Bark N Bond found its existence.

Pranita has her own unconventional way of training her canine friends. She uses positive reinforcement techniques to improve their behavior and which is fun for them.

Dog training

She voluntarily chooses to spend time with a dog at her client’s place. She tries to observe and understand them. She trains all kinds of dogs and deals with a variety of dog behavior issues. She also organizes pet camps where the pets can play and their parents get to share experiences with each other.

Labrador, golden retriever

For the clients who cannot take their pets to travel along with them, Pranita and Bark N Bond are nothing but a gift from an angel.

“My idea was to bridge the gap and make all three — the dog, pet-parent and myself happy. Working with dogs is like working with family”

Pranita Balar is an inspirational bucketlister and understands the difficulties in the choices that are to be made at times, especially in the case of losing out on fixed incomes. She urges aspiring bucketlisters to try before quitting, to try and understand the true consequences. She urges on having enough savings, cutting expenses and faith on one’s skills and abilities and success is not far away.

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