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Directing a Theatre Play – A Bucket List Lived by Adarsh Bhat

Directing a Theatre Play – A Bucket List Lived by Adarsh Bhat

Nowadays many people have the dream of directing a movie. But to direct a theatre play at the age of mid-twenties is rare and that was the bucket list of young Adarsh Bhat. Adarsh, who started his stage career at the age of three, have made numerous appearances on stage. The biggest bucket list of this talented man who have staged more than 50 shows on the stage, was to direct a theatre play.

Adarsh’s brother-in-law was in theatre before, and it was him who gave the final push for Adarsh to work on his bucket list. So, he decided to give a small break to his acting career and job, and went on searching for a script for his play. He met with some young writers and stories, but none of them got his attention.

While the script-hunt was going on, one of his friend introduced him to a young writer who had a good story with him. By the time he finished the story, Adarsh had already decided the script for his play. But to make it a strong one, many changes were meant to be made.

They started meeting up regularly to discuss the story. Many changes were made. Some new elements were added, while some others were deducted. Discussions lasted till the midnight and even more. After a long period of dedicated discussions, the script was finalized.

The next task was to select the actors. Adarsh knew some people with a passion for acting but who never got an opportunity. So, he choose some of them along with the cast members. Ten of them never had any acting experience, and he trained them from scratch. There were total of 14 actors and 5 crew members.

The story was about a poet’s visit to a mental hospital in search of a subject for his next work. The play was constructed in three parts and the second one was purely musical. It were the days of practices and intense trainings. Adarsh changed his location of training occasionally. While sometimes it was conducted in his house, and often changed the practice-venue to some outdoor spaces like parks or open stages. The training and rehearsals were hard, but everything went on to conclude magnificently.

The play, ‘Hucharayya Hucchharu’ was staged on July 6 2016 in front of a well packed audience at KH Kalasaudha auditorium. It was received well by the audience, and is still being staged in various plays. Sankruthya who played the role of Gunavantha in the play bagged a Best Comedian Award in a state level competition, Rangashri.

Adarsh’s next bucket list items are to travel around the world on his motorbike with his camera. He wants to act and direct movies, learn and create new genres in music and Himalayan trekking.

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