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Cycling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari – A bucket list lived by Mohit Kapoor

Cycling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari – A bucket list lived by Mohit Kapoor

Mohit on graduating from school was offered a motorcycle as a gift from his father. But instead he wanted a petrol-free vehicle, a bicycle he named, ‘Nintai’ which in Japanese means ‘patience’. As an inaugural trip, he chose an opportunity of cycling to Rajasthan. The ride didn’t seem to satiate him. However, it encouraged him to look for more places to visit.

After completing his first road trip, Mohit went out on a mission to accomplish his bucket list of cycling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on Nintai.

Mohit Kapoor Cycling Kashmir Kanyakumari Last Point IndiaWoovly

Mohit shares that explaining his decision to his parents was the most difficult part. But after a while he was able to show them how the trip would help him grow as a person more than a year of college. He went for the trip as a young boy but returned a SELF-DEPENDANT MAN.

“Travel has given me the chance to create myself. It has enabled me to experience the other sides of our world that I never could have learned about from simply reading an article and books. These passions, which time, experience, and travel has allowed me to foster, will shape the rest of my life in a much more meaningful way than anything I could have learned from a textbook”

With no money and no one to sponsor him, Mohit did not deter from his path. He sold his cell phone to arrange for the necessary equipment. He fed himself and took shelter at Gurudwaras and Temples. Mohit stopped pedalling only after making it to the Vivekananda Memorial in Kanyakumari. He describes his experience as, “encountering the good, the bad and the beautiful of India”. Mohit believes that the excitement is in the journey and not the destination.

Mohit Kapoor Cycling Kashmir Kanyakumari Woovly

“I conquered the goal I had set for myself and lived a dream that I chased all alone.”

Mohit has explored Ladakh extensively on his bicycle as part of the conclusion to his journey. He is even out on the pursuit of his next bucket list. An over 10000 kilometer cycle tour from Jaipur through nine different South-East Asian countries and learning about different cultures, their food, culinary styles and techniques. In the end he wishes to compile a recipe book on all that he has learned over his tour.

Mohit explains that cycling for long hours in a day you’re never empty-headed. You are always thinking about something or the other. The delicious food that you have tasted or the people that you have met. The stories that you might have shared or the ones you have heard.

Mohit never believed in riding on a motorcycle for his trips. Cycling gave him an opportunity for halts at regular intervals. The halts allow him to talk to more and more people and explore their cultures and food.

“My dream is become a chef with a story to tell, a story about travel and food. That can inspire more people to take their passion to next level”

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