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Conserving nature through tourism and photography – Suresh Sharma

Conserving nature through tourism and photography – Suresh Sharma

Introduced to nature by his father at a very tender age, which Capt Suresh Sharma believes to be the reason behind his passions for nature, photography and travel. The passion even drove the veteran to join and serve the Indian army for six years to be a proud citizen as every young man with zeal and passion loves to serve his country and witness the beauty of it. After having served in the thickest of operations for 18 months as an Indian Peace Keeping Soldier in Sri Lanka, he found contentment as a soldier. It was time to check on his bucket list and pursue his passion towards nature, photography and travel as a full time hobby and help conserve it.

“If my father gifts me a car, it’s my responsibility to take care of it’s maintenance,” he says for the environment, a strong message that is meant for our generation to follow, from a wise man who has lived his bucket list.

“I bid the Indian army adieu to pursue my passions whole time, like a free bird,” he says. He has been associated with a number of projects and has immensely contributed to two films by the National Geographic Society, USA owing to his expertise in designing and wildlife photography.

“My sole mission is Nature Conservation Education,”he says. To fund his bucket list travels he has founded, Green Dot Expeditions that organizes special tours and photo safaris for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Such tours are meant to encourage people about life outdoors and follow sustainable conservation practices. The most aspiring part about his tours is that he makes sure that there is proper cleanup of the place visited, before leaving.

captain suresh sharma wildlife photography

Capt. Suresh Sharma has a fascination for snakes and with his wife designed their first vehicle, the ‘King Cobra,’ a mobile home that was aimed at educating people about snakes & snake-bites and all of this, under a self-funded project, The Snake Cell. His next project was a hybrid of a overland truck and a caravan, ‘Taurus’ which he has built part by part aimed to make the tours more enjoyable for the companions. It is a mobile home in itself with even the most modern features including rooftop tents, a fully-equipped kitchen, water facility, an on board toilet and plenty of charging stations. However, it is made sure that even after the availability of such amenities, people use as little as possible to teach them about survival under limited resources. He specializes in the most remote and yet the most beautiful locations in the country, which many try to avoid out of uncertainty and logistical support.

”We make destinations on the way,” he says. About the outdoor trips that he assists campers and photography enthusiasts with, he says that anyone who comes expecting luxuries will be disappointed even though they offer a 5-star experience for the passionate outdoor enthusiastic souls.

captain suresh sharma wildlife photography


  1. Gaurav Sharma says:

    I have been following Capt Suresh Sharma ever since the inception of his idea of Taurus and have seen it transform from design on a paper to a pleasant reality. And I had the chance of being on trip aboard the Taurus in November 2015. It actually is the best thing to teach you how to be close to nature. We were stationed close to the river Raavi and there were strict instructions from Capt not to pollute or destroy anything in the nature. One day, some other camping party littered on the riverside a few hundred meters away from our camp, I saw Capt Sharma cleaning up the mess left by those ‘fools’, early at 6 in the morning when I woke up. This was what impressed me the most about Capt Sharma. When the Taurus camp was wrapped up, the team cleaned up every bit of waste and there was no sign of litter left behind.
    And yes, I can vouch for his ability to teach on how to manage with the absolutely necessary resources. Not a bit is wasted, but you dont even feel like missing out on the essentials. And going into the wilderness with Taurus, it is just an amazing experience.

  2. I have had the opportunity of talking to the Captain. He is a man of strong principles and once he sets his eyes on something, nothing can divert his attention. He is devoted strongly towards his passion for nature and it’s conservation – Taurus is a gleaming example of the same. Thank you for aspiring me Captain and I’m pretty sure many more do feel the same. 🙂

    1. Lovely to see how Capt Suresh Sharma is inspiring many of us, and we feel great we have had the opportunity to have Capt Suresh Sharma being part of our bucketlisters section

  3. Gaurav lovely to see how so many experiences and memories are created from the inception of Taurus. Capt Suresh Sharma is a motivation for all the bucket listers who wants to achieve their bucket list. Would love to hear more of your experiences so that every common man who has a bucket list can get inspired

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