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Climbing Kokankada – An adventure sports bucket list lived by Indranil Khurangale

Climbing Kokankada – An adventure sports bucket list lived by Indranil Khurangale

Indranil’s passion for climbing has kept him going for over 13 years. He has competed in various national level climbing sports competitions. Indranil has climbed pinnacles like the Navra and the Tailbaila. But this time his bucket list led him to a greater feat of climbing Kokankada.

He had sustained grave injuries, losing half a finger in 2016 during one of his stints. The accident had Indranil lose out on his confidence. But this bucket lister chose to come back with a bang.

“After the injury I lost my confidence but when I realized that life is nothing without climbing, I wanted to climb more. This is not really the end of life.” – Get Set Climb

Twelve days of strenuous climbing and Indranil the lead climber, along with his team members from the Pimpri Chinchwad Mountaineering Association finally conquered the Kokankada.

“It is a dream of every climber to summit Kokankada, so was mine. I was somehow sure that we could accomplish that dream so I first urged about climbing Kokankada. Then after a lot of meetings and discussions, we finally decided that 4th May will be that day.” – Get Set Climb

On the first day the team had rappelled to put up 25 bolts that would harness their climb. Indranil recalls of a frightful moment during the climb when suddenly a thunder storm waved across their path. Although the support team had pulled one of his mates, Indranil was still hanging below. This seemed to have been an example as to how dangerous climbing Kokankada could turn out to be.

“The happiness of summiting Kokankada that too after losing hope cannot be compared. That experience will remain for the lifetime. Even today the memory of that moment gives immense pleasure and peace to me.” – Get Set Climb

But that is not the end for this climber. Indranil has observed a lot of hard lines and wants to have a go at the most difficult route near the crack at Badami, Karnataka. For his next bucket list he has already begun pushing himself on the line. He has an eye on a place of his dreams, Rockland in Barcelona. He plans to rappel, climb and conquer more and more pinnacles in his life.

For budding climbers out there he advices, “Dream hard. Climb hard. Whatever you are doing, do it with planning and be faithful towards your objective. No mountain or cliff is too high.”


  1. Awesome Indranil we are very proud of you.. Keep climbing and keep your bucket list full of dreams.. All the best

    1. Thanks Ranjit, please share your bucket list too at Add your bucket list

  2. deepak pawar says:

    Amazing Indrani …All the best keep going bro

  3. Thanks Deepak, do check our Add Bucket List section

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