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A bucket list ride from USA to Canada by Kiran Ghag

A bucket list ride from USA to Canada by Kiran Ghag

Kiran has ridden his BMW motorcycle from USA to Canada covering 17000 kilometres for a bucket list ride he accomplished in two months.

Kiran had first visited USA about 10 years from the trip in the form of a short work trip. Although he wanted to extend his stay, unfortunately that didn’t happen. Kiran has always been fascinated by the American culture. The people, the travel, the shopping the infrastructure, all of it.

“The feeling of being on the road, away from the daily hustle can’t be framed in a few words. I have been riding within India whenever I could, usually on an extended weekend, during business trips or annual vacations spanning over 8-10 days. But 10 days a year never satisfied me and I kept dreaming for more.”

Kiran Ghag Ride motorcycle BMW 17000 kilometres 2 months trip dreams bucket list bucket lister woovly

In 2013 Kiran attended a traveller’s meet hosted by the MTM Grid group. He met travelers in person and heard of their experiences. This, to Kiran was a kickstarter and an inspiration for his bucket list trip.

An important part of the bucket list was riding the BMW motorcycle. “This motorcycle is considered as one of the top machines that are used by travelers across countries. I wanted to own one but its price is exorbitant in India. Owning one in USA was bit easy and that vetoed the ride destination without competition. The bucket ride – thus become a ride that could tick multiple items off my bucket list !”

Travelling in USA has an easiness to it because most of the businesses operate online. This made it easier for Kiran to track the cost of petrol and expenses involved in fooding and lodging. Eventually, he arrived at a daily budget and started saving money for it.

Kiran Ghag Ride motorcycle BMW 17000 kilometres 2 months bucket list bucket lister woovly

Renting a motorcycle for two long months was pretty expensive even with all the available discounts. He tracked out a local forum member who helped him purchase a used, BMW motorcycle in good condition. This kept the expenses under control.

Initially he had hoped to ride over three months but the weather and finance issues reduced it to 2 months. Kiran had prepared a list of places to visit and using internet articles added some more. This formed a rough draft of the route that he was going to follow.

He marked the locations on a map and at any point of time he could choose to change course. Finally, he managed to get a leave for two and half months from work. The VISA renewal and application process for Canada followed.

Kiran Ghag Ride motorcycle BMW 17000 kilometres 2 months route map bucket list bucket lister woovly

“It was probably a longest journey with motorcycle luggage between home and motorcycle itself. The whole trip was an amazing experience filled with serendipity. Lack of strict planning made it more adventurous,” says Kiran.

The days were pretty exciting for Kiran as he looked forward to finding a new sight to see or a new road to ride on. Fortunately, he was never alone for the friendly locals who boosted his adventurous senses. The locals often guided him with their indigenous knowledge on places he could visit.

For the bucket lister, the most difficult part of the trip was living it. Although, the trip acted as a stress buster for Kiran.

Kiran Ghag Ride motorcycle BMW 17000 kilometres 2 months bucket list bucket lister woovly

The journey has changed completely turned Kiran’s life upside down. Even after a year from the trip it all seems so fresh to him, that feeling of being at peace. Even today he still keeps looking at the pictures to be sure of the trip of his dreams.

For his next bucket list he wants to get a BMW motorcycle once again and ride in different countries with any fixed plan or a restriction such as time.

“If you have a dream like this, just go ahead and do it. Planning never ends unless execution begins.” – a word of advice from a seasoned traveller.


  1. Pritam Kumawat says:

    This is how you live your life the way you want. Awesome dude (y) keep it up..

  2. Jayesh Gohil says:

    Look forward to see and hear about your experience

  3. Rakesh narayan says:

    Great going Kiran. Godspeed to all future endeavours

  4. Abhijat Indulkar says:

    That the best experience you could have buddy.

  5. Chanchalkumar says:

    Good one Kiran, was aware of your love for bikes but it will take you places was in dreams. Looking forward to another successful trip story in future; all the best

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