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A Bucket list every Indian should have for this Independence Day

A Bucket list every Indian should have for this Independence Day

Independence Day is around the corner and all the preparations for the celebration are in full swing and most of us are pulling out our bucket lists. With the Janmashtmi and Independence Day falling on Monday and Tuesday respectively, this long weekend calls for doing things you have never done before! This is the perfect time to delve into your quirky side and make a list of things you would want to do at least once. Here are five things that every Indian should do for this Independence Day celebration.

Attend the Flag Hoisting in Red Fort, Delhi

Regardless of what part of the country you are in, you must make a trip to watch the flag hoisting live. Plan a trip to the capital of the country and watch our honorable Prime Minister deliver his “Address to the Nation”. It will be a whole another experience when you find yourself posting a salute to our Indian flag amidst thundering applause for our Prime Minister.

independence day red fort flag hosting woovly bucket list
credit: independenceday.nic

Participate in an Independence Day Marathon

Various events are held all across the country to commemorate the anniversary of our independence. In fact, you can participate in a marathon or a run for safer and developed India. These runs can be anywhere between 5K to 10K and cost starting from INR 500. The preparation that goes before participating in the run will definitely be a life changer.

independence day marathon woovly bucket list
credit: prashant menon

Make an Independence Day Dish

For all you cooking enthusiasts, on this 71st Independence Day, try your hands at preparing special Independence Day dishes. These dishes can be anything from traditional Indian food to new innovative dishes showing off the tri color. Spend your day baking a beautiful Independence Day dish. And, participate in various competitions held in order to win a prize for your dish!

independence day woovly bucket list dish
credit: ezyshine

Participate in street shows for Historical Enactments

Portray our historical figures in street skits and make people know them better. Performing in front of an audience is a great confidence booster. And, it is a must to have on your bucket list.

independence day woovly bucket list historical enactments
credit: hindustantimes

Spend the day raising awareness

In fact, one of the best ways of celebrating Independence Day is spreading awareness among people for the upliftment of the masses. Distribute Flyers and perform rallies with intermittent speeches that will attract crowds. Visit slums and villages and talk to local people about their problems.

awareness independence day bucket list woovly
credit: firstpost

This Independence Day makes it a point to do something extraordinary, something you otherwise wouldn’t have the confidence to do. In the honor of our motherland, it is every Indian’s solemn duty to delve into giving back and celebrating the day with much pomp and glory. Happy Independence Day to all!

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