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Become a biker for a cause – A bucket list lived by Roshni Misbah

Become a biker for a cause – A bucket list lived by Roshni Misbah

Roshni rode her first motorcycle in the ninth standard. She rode her motorcycle and she enjoyed herself every time. Her father had got himself a Suzuki Intruder 1800. This fuelled her passion. As a pillion, she would get the chills and wanted to ride it on her own. That was the moment of truth for her. Her bucket list had taken shape. She wanted to become a biker.

Roshni Misbah biking biker adventure travel for a cause featured suzuki intruder 1800 woovly

She took care of the family business and indulged herself into part-time work as well to gather funds for her first motorcycle – an Avenger Cruiser 220. Roshni found support in her father who is a passionate and professional biker himself. Belonging to a conservative family it was difficult for the duo to convince the elderly in the family. However, her father has encouraged her throughout to follow her passions.

“Let her follow her dreams. We trust her,” Roshni’s father

After five months she bought an Enfield, or ‘Bult’ as she calls it. The sound and feel got to her. But she realized the meaning of ‘speed,’ when she got her CBR Repsol.

Roshni Misbah biking biker adventure travel for a cause featured bullet woovly

For Roshni, wearing a hijab while riding doesn’t interfere in any way with her faith. In fact, she urges that her hijab and her passion for biking are two completely separate facets. She is happy breaking stereotypes and the social stigma that comes attached with her biking as a woman. A stigma that expects women to be bound to the four walls of a house and cook, get married and take care of children. She wants to prove that women can excel in any field they want.

Roshni is an inspiration to women. She is recognized whenever she’s out on the streets. At her University campus, her teachers and friends appreciate her passion and attire. Her teachers have been supportive of her and even allowed her a private parking spot in the campus.She gathers her inspiration from the cheering and the joyous response from women and children, whenever she passes by. She believes in biking as much as she believes is staying true to one’s roots.

Roshni Misbah biking biker adventure travel for a cause featured cbr inspiration woovly

Roshni also rides for social causes. She avoids bike-stunting, and that is her own way of promoting safe biking. She is okay with breaking the stereotypes but not the rules. The lady is a member of a number of biker groups including the all-female biker group, the ‘Bikerni,’ that stands for promoting women empowerment.

Roshni urges women to pursue their passion, their bucket list and urges parents to support their daughter’s education and dreams like her parents did.

She wants to expand her family business and ride more. Furthermore, Roshni wants to promote road safety through her biking and urge more and more young women to swim against the tide. She wants young girls to pursue their passion irrespective of any barriers. Next on her bucket list, is to pursue her desire to become a professional racetrack Superbike rider.


  1. sounds like me on high school 1996 I have a Yamaha CBR during high school the only difference is I don’t wear hijab but I’d love to 😉

    1. Jalena, would love to know your experience, please share your experience at

  2. Khaled Bin Al Kamaal says:

    Yamaha yzf? Okay! Yamaha yzr? Okay! Yamaha tzr? Done! Yamaha tdm? Okay! Yamaha cbr? Erm! I’m not so sure!

  3. Khaled Bin Al Kamaal says:

    The motivation here is not aggression in the least bit, just a gentle reminder that there might just be a minor statistical mix up in the information you have provided. Peace and Respect. Dr Khaled Bin Al Kamaal. 🙂

  4. pranav vyas says:

    Is there anyone like her in Bangalore,
    we are a start up Youtube blogger we interview people who are totally into different stuff, and we are heading to look forward for those people to come up and show them self on screen so tat others will know about them. if any one Know such people please let us know our contact number is 9513322281.

    1. OldSchool says:

      Find Miss Motorious on instagram. . She’s in Bangalore, and she’s the one you are searching for

  5. There are many who do the biking,
    One in my home
    My wife rides her royal Enfield tb350ts “marino350” proudly.

  6. Shaikh Irshad Chandpasha says:

    Roshni best you’re revolution of Muslim community specially women

  7. Shaikh Irshad Chandpasha says:


  8. Chand rashid khan says:

    A girlwgirl who inspiration for muslim girl without harm Islamic faith we should support these types of girls who prove themself different as she did.

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