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Bike trip from San Francisco to Big Sur – Ayush’s Bucket List

Bike trip from San Francisco to Big Sur – Ayush’s Bucket List

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Ayush has many bucket lists, one of which is about dream motorcycle ride destinations in the world’. One such destination in the US became a reality when he got the opportunity to travel to America for work in February of 2014. West coast of US has a big motorcycle culture because of the perfect weather conditions, landscape and motorcycle friendly laws, amongst other reasons. Given that he was traveling to this motorcycle haven, Ayush did not want to lose the opportunity for a bike trip. That too, on arguably the most beautiful coastal highway in the world, the Highway-1 to Big Sur.


Since the flight and stay were taken care of by the employer of Ayush, all he needed was a motorcycle and some basic camping equipment. It was not going to be very difficult to arrange with so many motorcycle rental options and the several REI stores offering rental camping equipment in this first world nation. Everything seemed totally doable also because he was planning the bike trip with a motorcycle buddy who had been living in San Francisco for awhile and helped Ayush out at every step of the way for them to make the ride happen. So, he booked a Triumph Tiger 800, added vacation days to his work itinerary and packed the riding jacket, shoes, helmet, and gloves in the luggage and before he knew, he was on the flight to San Francisco, California.

“It is so difficult to put into words the experience of the beauty of mother nature, but I’ll try nonetheless. Neeraj and I decided on the route and planned to reach before dusk in the hope that we would be able to find a remote destination to pitch our tents at and spend the rest of the evening admiring the nature and the California greenery.”

bike trip bug sur ayush shukla bucket list road trip woovly road

The D-Day

And so, they woke up early. Neeraj rode Ayush to the motorcycle rental shop so they could get the bike to his home where they kept their saddles packed and ready to be mounted on the horses. Soon they hit the road and onto the Freeway that would merge them onto the legendary Highway-1. But before that, they needed food for the night. After two weeks of not eating ghar ka khana, Ayush was craving Indian food (Neeraj anyway always craves Indian!). So, they packed 12 Alloo pyaaz k paronthe and achaar!

Fast forward to 5 hours later, they reached a spot that took all their breaths away after all the other breathtaking views they rode through prior. They were on the top of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean for as far as their eyes could see. They were sharing the space with only a couple who were parked in their truck more than 300-400 feet away on the other side of the hill. So needless to say, it was as good as no one around.

pacific ocean bike trip bug sur ayush shukla bucket list road trip woovly


They pitched their 4-men-tent, laid open their sleeping mats bags inside. And then they started enjoying the evening sitting on the camping chairs, looking at the vast ocean space, the many ships, and carriers sailing deep in the ocean space. The sunset was mesmerizing, to say the least. They ended their night with ravaging the paranthas at the onset of the munchies and sleeping off to gazing the myriad stars and constellations!

“It planted the seeds for moving lock, stock, and barrel to San Francisco, California. And 2 years and a few months later, here I am writing this story from my room in my home in San Francisco, a night before my morning flight to Portland, Oregon for a bucket list hike! Ironically, one bucket list experience has resulted in making other bucket list ideas a reality too.”

bike trip bug sur ayush shukla bucket list road trip woovly ride

Other Bucket Lists and Message

Some of Ayush’s biggest bucket list ideas include backpacking solo in Western Europe, hiking up the half dome in Yosemite National Park, getting into the best shape of his life, bike trip around the world, owning a house on a hill with lots of dogs and motorcycles around and being able to retire by 40!!

“In my personal experience, if you have the truest desire for something, the universe WILL conspire to make it happen for you. And when you get that window of opportunity, remember that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! The motorcycle rental seemed expensive at the time. But in the end now when I look back, I’m so glad that I made that happen because it was all worth it!”

bike trip bug sur ayush shukla bucket list road trip woovly camping

Small or big, every trip is beautiful. Sometimes, they give us the experience of a lifetime. Don’t hesitate to share your travel stories with us, and thus, get featured on our blog. Also, add your other bucket lists on our page!

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