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Big Things Have Small Beginnings

Big Things Have Small Beginnings

Big things have small beginnings because nothing big or great was ever built in a day. Ask the Romans.

But our dire want for ‘right now’ easily gets to us.

What’s common in all of the legends, the extraordinary people, the maestros you know of?

Of course, they are big people. But the commonality sincerely lies in the fact that they started out as ordinary people. Someone like you and I. And let me remind you that it didn’t happen overnight. Believe it or not, we have a big wrestler like the Big Show only because he chose to start off small focusing on the little things. Without that, he would have just been a No Show.

Big things have small beginnings Without this Big Show No Show Meme Add-bucketlist woovly

It’s the little things and the smaller beginnings that matter. All of the greats we speak of, started out with doing things on their list that may seem petty to us but it shaped the very foundation of who they are now.

“If you wanna change the world, start off by making your bed.” – Former US Navy Admiral William H McRaven.

Working towards your smaller bucket list items collectively prepare you for a bigger bucket list feat. From something smaller like acting in a college drama troupe and theatricals to winning an Oscar.

Each accomplished bucket list, no matter how small is a lesson learnt. For someone with a big bucket list of taking that ultimate trek to the Everest, the fitness regime due to a small bucket list achieved, of joining a gym is just the small beginning he/she needs. It is a vicious cycle.

So, start off with a small beginning by adding your bucket list here and watch yourself grow big alongside your bucket list

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