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Becoming the best MMA Fighter- A Bucket List by Anshuman Chowdhury

Becoming the best MMA Fighter- A Bucket List by Anshuman Chowdhury

“The MMA way of life will give you focus.” – Conor McGregor

Anshuman belongs to a middle class family. His parents were against anything that did not involve studying, let alone a career in MMA. But this fighter already had a fire kindled in him. All the while at home all he could think of was A regret that would haunt him for the rest of his life. A regret of not trying.

One fine day, Anshuman decided to call it a quit from college, packed his bags and left for Bengaluru.

All he wanted to do was ‘fight.’ A bucket list that he had looked forward and longed for. He could see none of any good happening with the training standards in his city.

Anshuman accepts that the biggest challenge in his way was money. Training and the prerequisite diet that an MMA fighter comes at a very high cost. Imagine yourself at the age of nineteen in a new city, all alone with no money and with no one to guide or help you. But even such a situation didn’t deter young Anshuman from his intentions.

“With the help of my friend, Vishal I got into a call-centre and that paid the bills for a while.”

Later he got into the Indian Combat Sports Academy and commenced his training.

Anshuman believes that there is no end to his bucket list. He wants to become the best MMA Fighter because to him it’s a journey that he has undertaken and not a destination.

“I believe nothing makes you feel more alive than getting punched in the face.”

Anshuman believes in heading for challenges with his fists up and for his next bucket list he wants to deal with his fear of heights though skydiving.

For aspiring bucket listers reading this, he has a message for you, “Whenever you feel like quitting think why you started and remember a step forward everyday, no matter how small it is , it will make a difference.”

Anshuman’s pursuit of his bucket list is a glaring example of how one’s real fight is with life. There’s no training and no diet for an opponent like this. But you can still defeat it if you choose to deal with it with the patience and discipline of a trained fighter, like Anshuman has.

“I am never the person who you will think as the smartest or the best in the lot. But I refuse to give up at any cost.” – Anshuman


  1. Wow! Good read! All the best Ansh!

    1. Thanks Hridin, bucket list surely triggers a thought in all of us, why don’t you add your bucket list here Add Your Bucket List

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