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Becoming an audio engineer – A bucket list lived by Sutanu Chatterjee

Becoming an audio engineer – A bucket list lived by Sutanu Chatterjee

His interest in Music Technology started right at home. Both of his parents are distinguished professionals in their own fields – His father was an Indian classical vocalist (a former All India Radio artist) and a civil engineer and his mother, a kathak dancer and a teacher herself who runs her own school. Little did Sutanu know that his passion for music would one day help him accomplish his bucket list in becoming an audio engineer.

“I was inclined to music and it’s workings since my early days. I used to open the harmonium up and see how it worked when dad wasn’t around.” – Sutanu

He learnt about multitasking from his parents. Sutanu, a curious soul had the habit of opening up stuff just to see how they worked. It seemed fascinating for him but he ended up ruining most of the equipment at home.

Sutanu Chatterjee Ronnie becoming audio home engineer curious guitar pedal effects music hobby btech woovly

One fine day after much scavenging, he found a BOSS DM-2 analogue delay PCB in his uncle’s closet and tried to fix it. Sutanu was broke and needed a guitar effects pedal. A 30 watt soldering iron that gave him his first electric shocks and a PCB that he brought back to life.

Eventually, he made a Distortion pedal and called it the “Himmler Driver” and also an analogue delay pedal with the DM-2’s PCB.

Sutanu Chatterjee Ronnie becoming audio engineer Sutanu Chatterjee Ronnie becoming sound engineer guitar pedal effects woovly

“That is how it all started.” – Sutanu

He pursued a B-Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Consequently, he decided to make a software that could be loaded into any digital audio workstations. His bucket list towards becoming a audio engineer had just taken off.

“After a B-Tech degree, most people go for a job, and I didn’t. I researched a lot and realized that a job won’t really get me what I wanted to be.”

His bold steps toward becoming an audio engineer has him learning to code, mostly C++ and JAVA, and also Adobe Photoshop, for the UI designs. He even started his own music studio, “Alternoid Electronics,” where he independently creates music and records bands and artists. He has made about 9 or 10 plugins for Windows based Digital Audio Software. Alternoid Electronics has sold about 75 copies of the audio processing plugins that he has engineered, outside India. (USA, Europe and Australia), “and that is a success for now,” he says.

“Before I started on with this, I was a noob. I had books and I read them but it was a whole new thing once I started experimenting. Now, I’d say I am not a noobie anymore. Made a lot of circuits from scratch and programmed some plugins and learnt a lot from them. Long way to go though.”

Sutanu Chatterjee Ronnie Becoming plugins audio engineer DM-2 PCB BOSS Himmel Driver Alternoid Electronics woovly

“College taught me a lot. I use MatLab and SPICE a lot for simulation.”

Sutanu is thankful to his parents for their unending support. Furthermore, they were okay with his decisions as long he discussed it with them, thoroughly. His parents understood his aspirations towards audio engineering.

For aspiring bucket listers with a similar interest, Sutanu humbly says, “I am not sure if I am accomplished enough to advise anyone on this, but I could say a few things: Learn code. If you want to make a difference in this digital world, learn how to program a computer.  Learn how to make it do things. We all have computers these days so it shouldn’t be difficult. Above all, I’d say that it is most important that you do what you want to do. It doesn’t matter what it is. All that matters is you doing it. You’ll be happy.”

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