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Become a painter – A bucket list lived by Mithran Acharya

Become a painter – A bucket list lived by Mithran Acharya

“One day hopefully fine art is on the same level as other popular career options in India. I want to change the perception that we can live happily if we became doctors and engineers.” – Mithran

Mithran was born in Udupi, a small town in Karnataka. His father Damodara L. Acharya was an art teacher in school and a well known artist in Udupi. He practiced painting as an avocation under his father’s guidance. This was perhaps the birth of a passion that has led to such a magnificent painter.

While studying engineering in Mithran realized his true passion in creating a lot of beautiful paintings. His bucket list was to become a painter. After having completed his engineering Mithran came to Mumbai to pursue a career in fine art.

Jumping off the mainstream bandwagon of ‘jobs’ was a decision Mithran made but soon a struggle followed.

“In the beginning, it was struggle to start career as painter in Mumbai. I had to do part time job to survive in Mumbai.”

Mithran is mainly influenced by realistic traditional oil paintings. He always chooses a subject that he would truly love to paint. Mithran seeks to portray human emotions through his paintings and likes to make paintings that feel lively.

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Mithran doesn’t believe in the commercial aspect of his paintings. He chooses not to make paintings on popular subjects for the sake of money. This probably drives his creations to grab more eye-balls because of the uniqueness.

“Making a painting is the freedom that was missing from my life. Paintings are my own way of expressing my feelings on canvas. Sometimes it is a combination of realistic and abstract paintings.”

Mithran is on a mission to create a lot of beautiful paintings and hone his skills as a painter. He wants to build a world famous art gallery in India and produce the best of paintings in the world.

The bucket lister also wants the stature of fine arts in India to reach new heights. He plans to open a world class and affordable fine art school in India and let youngsters hone their skills. Mithran also wants to design an art website for upcoming artists to exhibit their paintings on an International level.

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For bucket listers with an eye for fine art, he advises, “It is better to spend some time alone and away from your parents, teachers and friends and decide what do you want to do with your life. Before you take any major decisions, you should know about yourself. If you think you have a talent and passion for something, then go ahead with your passion. Take some training on that field. Don’t just think about financial success. Money doesn’t motivate everybody. Don’t do something just because your parents, teachers and friends tell you to do.”

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