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To Become A Renowned Football Coach – A Bucket list lived by Sarthak Mishra

To Become A Renowned Football Coach – A Bucket list lived by Sarthak Mishra

The journey of accomplishing his bucket list of being a renowned football coach hasn’t been exigent. Starting from a small town and reaching that big a platform took him more than just dedication. It isn’t a one-time achievement. He lives his bucket list every single day! Carrying out a routined and disciplined life hasn’t been simple. He starts his day at dawn with a quick run and packs himself with football practices all day. Barely has he attended a late-night event and hits the sack by 10.

Apart from his achievements in football, he is a national level cyclist, an avid boxer, a trekker and a long-distance runner. But his primary interest lies in football. It needs a lot of endurance and strategy to excel this sport and Sarthak has done it commendably.

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“Struggle is directly proportional to success”

Something which he strongly believes in. Even the broken shoulder, fractured leg and major cycling accidents couldn’t shatter his determination. He went through numerous accidents which required multiple surgeries and insertion of rods, plates and screws in his body.  After all these incidents, his concerned family asked him to quit, but his tenacity kept him going.

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Sarthak has been appointed as the state coordinator of Himachal Pradesh for the Mission XI Million. It is a joint-scheme that is initiated by the All India Football Federation and the government of India which aims at improving the football culture of India. They believe that building the football ecosystem and ultimately widening the talent pool would keep the ‘football legacy’ alive.  He travelled all the way from Australia to contribute to the project. Himachal Pradesh being his area of jurisdiction it is quite a challenge due to its geographical conditions.

“It takes a long time to cover even a small distance”, he says.

It is a challenge working in that hilly terrain but he doesn’t let that hindrance stop him. The response of the people there is commendable and all the Govt. officials in Shimla are impressed by his approach towards the mission.

It is rather difficult to maintain a balance between his personal and professional life, since his passion of becoming a football coach is now his profession. It is a tough task to draw a line between the two. Sometimes it is demanding to act professionally with athletes around him, as he is their friend/senior/teammate. But because of that professionalism, they grow together, with every session of their football drill.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can stop the young dynamic footballer. He is indeed an inspiration to the young aspiring footballers amongst us.