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Become a food blogger – A bucket list lived by Richa Gupta

Become a food blogger – A bucket list lived by Richa Gupta

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

George Bernard Shaw

Having worked for 7 long years as a marketing professional, Richa decided to step off the bandwagon in the year 2016. She decided to pursue her bucket list and became a food blogger.

She found solace in her blog. The blog seemed like the easiest place to start at that point. Little did she know that it would one day become the most exciting part of her life. Richa is an avid foodie herself and enjoys almost everything in the food department. She is always up for a new adventure when it comes to food.

Let’s face the facts here. Our lives are already preoccupied with something or the other. After a long and tiring day, which happens to be the case, almost everyday, cooking is not something that we would readily enjoy.

Richa Gupta My Food Story DIY Hobby cook your own food bucketlist bucketlister woovly

“With the blog I want to encourage people my age to cook more often a home.” A good habit to inculcate indeed.

Richa is an avid foodie and very fond of cooking. She tends to keep her recipes swift and simple to execute. The most intriguing part of her recipes is one ’30-minute meals’ where one can enjoy delicacies within the time limit.

Richa’s online food blog, ’myfoodstory’ is meant to ease up our lives. Her customized recipes are quick that can be prepared in a quarter of an hour. Her husband Denver takes care of the tech behind the blog.

Richa Gupta food blogger easy thirty minute recipes woovly

The food blog is a way of sharing her stories with the world in the form of a foodlogue. A fascinating aspect about this food blogger is the variety she brings to each of her dishes. Being a north-Indian herself and sharing a home with a husband from the southern part of the country, Richa is able to bring out the best of both cultures and cuisine in her blog. Her husband Denver takes care of the tech behind her food blog.

“As a blogger, I think it’s very important to find your voice, be authentic and build an identity for yourself,” she says. A word of advice for people who have an identical bucket list on their plates.

Richa Gupta Become Food Blogger Photography Good Food Soul Woovly

She encourages and urges aspiring food bloggers to focus a lot on the visual aspect of the blog – the ‘photography‘. Food for the eyes translates readily to food for the soul.


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