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Doodlewaala Who Won Campus Diaries and VH1’s ‘25 Under 25’

Doodlewaala Who Won Campus Diaries and VH1’s ‘25 Under 25’

Campus Diaries and VH1’s ’25 Under 25′, was an event to find out the 25 best visual artists in India under the age of 25. The winners of Campus Diaries and VH1’s ’25 Under 25′ were selected based on the concept of the artwork, its execution, the level of experimentation and most importantly on how much it blew your mind away. The first thing came to Danish’s mind, when he heard about the event, was to become one of the winners.  After all, as a graphic designer and an illustrator who makes Bangalore beautiful with his murals, having such a bucket list was reasonable!

Danish Shaikh started his career and life as a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator a little more than a year ago when he moved to Bangalore from Pune. Painting and making illustrations was something he used to do since he was a kid. And, it also became something he wanted to pursue as a career.

danish shaikh campus diaries vh1 25under25 winner window

Danish always have been someone who trusts the gut instinct a lot. And, this also has been one of the inspirations behind his artworks.

“Constant practice, constant tea and constant observation and judgment of people help me to accomplish my bucket lists.”

He even used to display and sell his artworks at various exhibitions like the 3 editions of Open House, Junta Art Market, and The Bold Exhibits.

danish shaikh campus diaries vh1 25under25 winner eye

There were total four categories in the competition. Danish was under ‘Arts and Design’. The participants had to upload their artworks to the website of Campus Diaries. Danish submitted some of his artworks and waited for the result.

After analyzing all the artworks, in January, the jury announced the winners. Danish’s bucket list became true, as he was one among the 25 winners.

#WoovlyFunFact: When the Mona Lisa painting was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, the empty space it left on the wall attracted more visitors than the painting had.

“25U25 had a huge impact in my life. Being surrounded by so many talented young people and mentors was really one of the coolest experiences of my life. My journey has just started. 25U25 was a great opportunity to meet so many talented people and discuss ideas with them. And I did end up collaborating with a few people as well.”

danish shaikh campus diaries vh1 25under25 winner award

He worked with St+Art as their volunteer. He has also assisted artists like Harshvardhan Kadam with whom Danish did the mural on the MG Road Metro Station. Danish has also worked with Remed, a popular personality among artists, with whom he did the mural on the Cubbon Park Water Tank. He did mural inside Cubbon Park with Abhimanyu Ghimaray, who is a friend/mentor of Danish.

 “It feels good to see these murals whenever I pass by them and see my name as one of the people who contributed in making Bangalore beautiful.”

He has many items in his bucket list. Starting his own studio, painting big walls with his art and so much more. But the biggest thing Danish wants is to inspire people to follow their gut with his artworks.

danish shaikh campus diaries vh1 25under25 winner armstrong

“Follow your gut. Get up when you fall. Be sensible, confident and strong!”

Follow your guts and your passion. And if you have a bucket list driven with passion, share that experience with us and get featured on our page. Add your other bucket lists also with us.

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