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Revolution Through Art – A Bucket List of Abstract Painting

Revolution Through Art – A Bucket List of Abstract Painting

Time and over, abstract painting has managed to put people in awe.

Difficult to understand, this art form has taken the world by storm and we’ll tell you all the reasons why abstract painting is the revolutionary idea that can change your life.

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Breaking the chains of tradition

If we look back at the history of art forms it is discovered that during the 19th century most artists felt the need to depict their perceptions through painting

Earlier pieces of literature were the only medium an artist could portray his feelings, but emotions painted on a canvas has a stronger and hype in the society. The artist no longer had the boundaries to limit themselves and could freely express their feelings giving a new light to the old world, even in today’s time we have boundaries and rules to be followed  but the good news is as an abstract artist you do not!

Giving wings to the expression that a human being has a boundary to

As said by the contemporary abstract artist Lynn Jaanz, that she has three painting going on for her when she is having a bad day  is her way of dealing with hurt and pain  is certainly better than any therapy.

Another fact known to us is the ability of great artist to connect to their masterpiece. It is because one put out the reality of within out in the world which is cherished by all, painters like Van Gogh are still remembered.

Finally, barring no limitations to the mind

We live in a society where we are told to behave in a certain manner, talk in a certain manner and eventually making the human being cage his own mind, however, with abstract painting an artist gets a chance to unlock the door of the brain and achieve new capabilities. The opportunity to create something far beyond ordinary realism forces an artist to push his edge making him smarter than the rest.

In conclusion, with all keeping in mind there is no frontier to abstract art and if you have crazy thoughts or not, doesn’t matter, try abstract painting, you might discover something new.

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