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The Art of Growing a Beard – Boney Philip Living his Bucket List

The Art of Growing a Beard – Boney Philip Living his Bucket List

To grow a beard has become the fashion mantra for men today. It is labeled as the icon for manliness and style. Nowadays, various beard styles are seen around. The results flooded on the internet for ‘beard’ shows its impact among people.

As an enthusiastic person, Boney always had a lot of items in his bucket list. And the one which was close to his heart was the bucket list of growing beard. He loved his beard from the day it started growing and always wanted to grow it thick and long.

Beard and All India Tour

He studied Architecture at National Institute of Technology, Calicut. On completing his studies Boney went on an all-India trip with friends, which was one of his bucket list items. And he decided not to cut the beard during the trip and let it grow freely.

It took almost three months to complete the trip, and by the time he came back, he had a pretty long beard. Even though he was happy for the achievement, he felt that something was missing. It had become long, but it was not thick and was lacking the glow and beauty.

While traveling, apart from just letting it grow, he never did anything to maintain it. As he realized that, Boney decided to start growing the beard once again by providing all the maintenance. And thus, with a heavy heart, he shaved it off. But, bad luck was waiting there too.

By the time he started growing the beard with proper maintenance, he got a job offer from Dubai and had to leave the country. As he started his new job, it became impossible for him to grow his beard since the employers were strict about grooming standards. The job was progressing well, and at the same time, his craving for thick and long beard was also becoming intense. Finally, after two years he left his job and joined another company.

The Maintenance

The new company was cool with the grooming standards and thus, he again started working on his bucket list item. He started growing beard on this January with all the preparations and it has become pretty long by now. Boney washes the beard every day, and oil it twice in a week. He uses Ustraa and Argan oil for washing and oiling. He uses hair and body wash so that normal soap won’t affect beard.

With all the maintenance and preparations, Boney’s beard has become thick, long, and is still growing. He has no intention to shorten it in any near future. His other bucket list items are to attend Boom festival in Portugal, get a tattoo and to do skydiving.

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