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What difference would it make to you, if you had taken that road less traveled ? If you had just taken the day off from work and ran the inter-state marathon or maybe just dived in head-first into the river from that cliff ? You know you’d been wanting to try that for a long time.

If you feel that you have been missing out on life, a bucket list is what you need. A bucket list may list anything from kayaking in the Nile or something as simple as grabbing that popular snack everyone’s been fussing about or even joining the gym. It may have you wanting to join those salsa classes or may list you traveling to that hill station with a partner. Basically, it lists all the activities that you’ve wanted to experience for a very long time.

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What a bucket list does is that it saves you from the sameness that we call life. A breath of fresh air.

We at Woovly believe in your accomplishments and the capability to do more. If you have things in mind, we are here to help. Woovly helps you to not only identify your areas of interest but also helps list out any type of activity in the area you want to indulge. Based on your interests Woovly connects you to like-minded bucket listers.

The Woovly bucket lister featured section is for ordinary human beings like you and I, but with an extraordinary enthusiasm towards life. They don’t wear a cape like a superhero but are ordinary people like you and I, who we can become. They inspire and motivate others to live the beautiful gift of life as it is meant to be.

Woovly believes that there is a superhero bucketlister in you. Write to us and become a Woovly Bucket lister.