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9 things for every foodie’s bucket list

9 things for every foodie’s bucket list

Are you an avid eater ? Do you always think about food like I do ? If the answer is ‘Yes,’ then this foodie’s bucket list is just for you.

Here are 9 things that every foodie must have on their bucket list.

  1. Join a cooking class
    • Take that cooking class and try cooking your own food. It’s not only fun but the benefits are plenty.
  2. Create your own signature dish
    • Wrestlers have their signature moves, dancers have their signature steps, why don’t you have a signature dish ? Foodies are really good at experimenting. So, let loose the foodie in you, mix and match and create your very own signature dish.
  3. Take a tour to a food factory
    • There are a lot of food factories out there manufacturing edible food very day. Visiting a food factory is so much fun, because of food all around making it’s way through massive machinery. You might actually get lucky and taste food directly from the conveyor-belt.
  4. Start a kitchen garden
    • I think it’s time that you have a kitchen garden. Let’s accept it, fruits and vegetables are nowadays chemically treated to make them available in all seasons. We are speaking of dealing with illnesses here, sometimes long term. Plant a seed, nurture it and cook your food with fruits and vegetables from your own garden. Experience the aestheticism of your kitchen garden and a healthy life.
  5. Make a family recipe cook book
    • Remember grandma’s special pudding ? There’s an entire history behind it. She must have come to know of the recipe in her prime from the elders in the family, who must have acquired it from their first elders. So, why let such a legacy fade away with time ? Make a cookbook and pass it on to your kids when they’re ready.
  6. Visit a vineyard and taste wine from a barrel
    • Vineyards all over the world provide tours through luscious vineyards where you can see where your wine comes from. They take you to the barrel room and allow you to taste freshly prepared wine. Smell, Swirl and sip !
  7. Brew your own beer
    • Beer is the most widely accepted drink and the most consumed. Breweries have sprung up almost everywhere with their quirky names and shades of colored beers. So, why not have a go and you can have your own flavor that suits your palate.
  8. Milk a cow
    • This may sound pretty easy to do but in fact is quite tough. It’s very easy once you learn about it. Go on, learn and tick off this experience from your bucket list.
  9. Eat a bizarre food
    • Have you ever tried a crunchy insect ? There are innumerable cultures and communities out there who have their own sort of bizarre food, food that you could have never thought of eat. So, step out from your comfort zone and try an obscure food. You’ll regret not trying it at all.

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