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7 reasons Why Adopting a Dog Should be on Your Bucket List

7 reasons Why Adopting a Dog Should be on Your Bucket List

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.

As a dog lover, I can list out a million reasons why one should adopt a dog. It’s an emotional investment you won’t regret. Watch yourself grow along with these 10 reasons as to why you should adopt a hairy canine friend.


     1. Intelligence, emotions and cuteness

Dogs are very intelligent animals. You can train them to do anything. They are very expressive too. And if a dog is happy, they will definitely let you know about it. The most important part about them is the CQ, the cute quotient. It’s very difficult to see a puppy and not pick it up to cuddle it.


     2. Exploring an emotional side

They wait for you. The feeling is inexplicable when you get back home from a tiring day and see someone eagerly waiting at the door-step. They are amazing stress-busters. It’s unbelievable how they will lead you to explore an emotional side, you thought you never had.

     3. Best bodyguards

Never mess with a dog’s ‘hooman.’ Once you adopt a dog, it adopts you too. You become an exclusive member of it’s pack. They will protect you all throughout their lives.

     4. A BFF

Human love is at times conditional but that is never the case for them. Once you make friends with them, they will remember you for the rest of their lives. Making friends with a dog is making a best friend forever.


     5. Saving a life

Adopting a pet is saving a life. When you’re adopting a dog, you’re saving it from the life of a stray, which is very difficult for them. Food, love and shelter is what they deserve and you’ll be proud to be a part of that cause.

     6. Eat and live healthy

You cannot just feed anything to a dog. Special care is taken in the preparation of their food. Exercise is a must for them too. This will motivate you to bunk out on any unhealthy food habits and start flexing those muscles.

     7. Life lesson

Bonding with such an amazing animal teaches the kids in the family about the meaning of friendship. The bond between a dog and it’s ‘hooman’ is unconditional. Your friendship with a dog is a life lesson for the children.


Visit a shelter, adopt one and do remember to put a tick on your bucket list.


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