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6 Tips to Start Aggressive Inline Skating

6 Tips to Start Aggressive Inline Skating

Are you an inline skater or simply thinking to start skating in near future.These are the tips you might want to know beforehand:


Learn the basic techniques first

Do not rush into stunts. Start by learning the basic techniques like moving back and forth, Jumping on smaller ramps with minimum hurdles, etc. Also, Learn about your skates and the surfaces where you perform skating.

A fit body always helps

Inline skating, just  like other extreme sports demand warming up and stretching so that it may not catch you in long run.

Look for a Comfortable environment

Easiest way to start is by finding a local skate park and performing on smaller ramps. Gradually, start honing your skills and work your way up by increasing the hurdles and risk factor simultaneously.

Learn grinding

Try and learn some grinds when you are done with basic skills and techniques.Soul grind, royales , front side etc. are some of the basic common grinds you should learn first. As you achieve perfection start to learn more complex ones.

Do not forget to have some chill

Keep yourselves cool and do  not stress about it rather have fun and enjoy skating , develop your own style of rolling and skating and you are ready to rock and roll!

Safety is always a priority

Sports must not take a toll upon you in anyway and protection is always better than cure.So always remember to wear the protective gear and helmet before you rush into skating.

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