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6 Things to Consider Before you go Bungee Jumping

6 Things to Consider Before you go Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is the ultimate excursion for the adventurous souls out there and something sports enthusiasts love to do. No wonder our ancestors were monkeys. Here are some tips you should consider before you head towards it.


Careful selection of the surroundings

Make a choice of calm and cozy environment, away from the hustle and bustle so that you might be able to enjoy to the fullest.

Trust the instructors

Have faith that your life is in safe hands as your instructor is a professional who has undergone strict training. Make sure you religiously follow their commands. Don’t over exert your brain. Do not hesitate and go bungee as he finishes the countdown. 

Comfortable clothing

Slip into those comfortable shorts and polos you saved for the morning walks. Remember this is going to help you when you are in the air confronting the ‘adrenaline you’. 

Avoid over eating

Stomach congestion in the valley is definitely not a good idea so better jump empty stomach or you may nibble some fruit and have some fresh juice before you go bungee jumping. 

Avoid carrying valuables

Do not carry your valuables like mobile phones, camera, jewelry etc. while jumping and then repent later. Bungee jumping should not cost you any more than the value of the ticket. 

Do not put your health at stake

Never go for it if you are suffering from chronic ailments like heart problems or back pain or you are taking any medication. Your health and safety are the first priority.

So, if you are eager to test the adventure in you, try embarking on a bungee jumping expedition this weekend.

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