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6 reasons why cooking your own meal should be on your bucket list

6 reasons why cooking your own meal should be on your bucket list

When was the last time you cooked your own meal ? Today ? Yesterday or the day before ? I do realize that very few of us have the liberty of time to prepare our own meals. But the benefits associated with cooking your own meal cannot be undermined. Here are 6 reasons why you should definitely cook your own meal.

    1. Money and time saving
      • You must have noticed how expensive these restaurants get at times. And I’ll not even get into the long waiting period till your food gets served. Can you imagine how much of time and money you could have saved if you had just cooked the food for yourself at home?
    2. Building your relationships
      • You can also choose to work with your partner on this because it is so much fun and the best relationship building exercise you can think of. So, go on, do-it- yourself, open the fridge, chop some vegetables and get going. Trust me, after all the effortsand love you have put into it, it’ll be worth it.

    1. Less salt and additives
      • It is no mystery that chefs and cooks add a lot of salt and fat to make their food taste better. But what tastes better might not be tasteful for you body. So, avoid the additives, and the extra salt. Cook something healthy for yourself today. Add organic stuff instead of the chemically produced ones. A happy stomach is a happy person.
    2. Balanced meals for you and family
      • Cooking your own meal gives you the time to plan them. A balanced meal that has all the essential components, the carbs, essential fats, proteins and vitamins is good for all in the family. You must have had late-night cravings. That is due to an imbalance in your food intake during the day. Having a balanced meal will not only keeps you satiated all throughout the day but at night too. You won’t lose on that sleep.

  1. Keeps the family together
    • “A family that eats together stays together.” It definitely stands true because cooking with your family and friends with love and care, brings you closer. It is soothing not only for the body but the soul. Teaching your kids to cook is something of a gift of a healthy life which they will utilise for the rest of their lives.
  2. Weight control
    • Have you noticed how the size of the plates at eateries and restaurants have grown bigger and bigger. People tend to eat more outside. Cooking at home lets you control not only the quantity of the food intake but then you know what is actually going in as ingredients. This prevents weight gain and various digestive problems.

So go on, add this to your bucket list. Cook your meals, yourself for 30 days. You can thank me later.


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