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5 Uncontacted Tribes of India

5 Uncontacted Tribes of India

India is a land of diversity and is a home to all kind of religions, castes and indigenous Andaman tribes. Among the general population and among people like you and me live people who have preserved their traditions and cultures among the modern society and remain untouched by civilization. These tribes reside in some of the most secluded places in the country and are often untouched by modern civilization. Here is a list of tribes you may not have even heard of and are untouched and uncontacted tribes of India.

uncontacted andaman tribes india
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Jarawas tribe are located in the southern parts of the Andaman. The total number of people in the tribe are from 250 to 400 and have been living in these parts for at least a few thousand years. The tribe prefers remaining uncontacted as any attempts to contact are met with hostility.  Although some of them have started coming out in the open due to a “Trunk Road” being built in 1997 through their region. They are recognized as the Adivasi group of India.


Onge people are one of the indigenous tribes living in the Andaman Islands. Their population has seen a steady decline from the colonization times due to settlement and civilization and ranges to a mere 100 now. In an incident, some 8 people died from drinking methanol mistaken by them to be alcohol. Given their population, this was described as ‘Calamity’ by the director of Survival International, an organisation that works for the tribal people.

The Onge tribe mainly depend on hunting for their livelihood and are recognized as the Scheduled Tribe of India.


Located in the Bay of Bengal, the Jangil tribe are known to be near extinction due to the introduction of diseases that the tribe could not find a cure for. They were first discovered in the mid-19th century and last known contact was made in 1907.

They are also called Rutland Jarawa because of neighbouring Jarawa tribe. Their language is also said to have similarities with that of the Jarawa tribe.

uncontacted andaman tribes india
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Puroik People

The people of the Puroik tribe live in the interior parts of the Arunachal Pradesh and are recognized as the Scheduled tribe of India. The population stands at 10, 000 for the tribe. They live in a dichotomy between being hunter-gatherers to being farmers. They have preserved their traditional religion for many years now but some have started following Hinduism as well as Christianity.


Sentinelese are the Andaman tribes living in the North Sentinel Island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Any efforts made to communicate with them have been shirked off. Their population is largely unknown and may range from a mere 40 to 500. A 5 km exclusion area has been set around their habitat to prevent any sort of threat to the tribe as well as the visitors. This has been done due to the fact that visitors are always dealt with violence in the region. The helicopters that fly overhead to check on them are often met by a hail of arrows.

How many of these tribes did you know about?

The tribes maintain a primitive lifestyle and live on their own without any help from the modern world. Living beyond civilization and remaining uncontacted from the outside world is quite a feat to maintain. While we may never travel to these places, the government keeps up in its effort to make contacts with them.



Cover Image Source: Jeremy Weate/flickr

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