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5 Things You Need to Know About Trekking

5 Things You Need to Know About Trekking

Does Trekking make you go nuts? Are you one among the adventure sports enthusiasts who love to hit the mountains and trek all day long? If yes, then these 5 points about trekking should be implemented before going for a trekking expedition.

5 things to know about Trekking

Plan it right

Plan your trip in a detailed manner. I mean, to the minutest details possible. Be informed about the weather conditions and other necessary information. Use the information gathered from multiple sources to make your plan more concrete.

Don’t use cotton

Do your best to wear quick drying clothes.  Try to maximize comfort and resistance when choosing a fabric for outdoors.

Mind the Trail

Always have a habit of letting the one going the uphill pass if you are directing to the downhill. Do keep the ‘all clean no mess’ regime of taking up all the trash along with you. You might be having fun trekking, but, make sure that you are not spoiling the planet.

Binge on Necessities

Always keep proportionate requirements for your hiking trip. About 475ml of water for every two hours with 250gms of food for a single day and sum it up accordingly. You are gonna feel hungry and thirsty after all. Don’t you?

Keep the dear ones informed about your treks

Do make a rule to tell and be open about your trekking plans, if going out for one. This holds up essential for someone alone. So that appropriate measures can be taken when needed in the future. Adventures can be exciting, but you have got to take certain precautions. Going solo makes you experience the adventure even better, but, you better inform your dear ones.

So if mountains are your calling, start considering the above tips before you embark on a trekking expedition.


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