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5 things to know before Kayaking

5 things to know before Kayaking

Every time you go kayaking ,you wish to have the glimpse of something new- some new species. Sometimes the ocean offers you the gift and sometimes not. However, you are sure to love the experience. Here are listed some things you should know before kayaking.

1.Know the basics

Though it may seem quite easy sticking the paddle in water and pulling, it’s not that much simple. While your own style will make you more comfortable in water, the basic paddling techniques always come handy.

2.Keep a track of the weather

It is always recommendable to check the weather forecast before going for kayaking. You never know what the weather gods are up to. So, be cautious. Also, avoid kayaking during fog as visibility gets lost making the situations worse.

3.Bring a companion

Never go for it alone especially when you are a novice.Always bring a companion or preferably a number of them.You never know what the gigantic waves and winds of the vast ocean might serve you.You are not being dreaded but warned.

4.Rely on maps

Maps might be old school for the new generation but when your Android’s battery will ditch you, the former are surely gonna be at your service.So,prefer bringing a map with you.

5.Keep safety on front foot

Recreational activities always come with risk tag.Therefore, your safety is not be put on back foot. Always wear a life jacket and helmet while kayaking. Also, check for any wear and tear in the equipment before going for kayaking.

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